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I am very excited to present a small selection of my wildlife photography from the recent trip to Africa - mainly South Africa with a cheeky little detour to the neighbouring Eswatini.

Buffalo with a Bird, South Africa 2023

It was my first visit to Sub Saharan Africa. I was a little hesitant because South Africa was dangerous everyone said. Now back home after three weeks of touring I can honestly say I have encountered nothing but kind, friendly, and helpful people everywhere I went along captivating landscapes.

The landscapes are wild and breathtaking. The scenery and weather change heading south. Africa offers everything - rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, big surfs, mountains, caves, waterfalls, forests, nature reserves and obviously wildlife.

"Big Five" is what everyone talks about and what everyone wants to see - lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo. But there are lots of other animals pretty much everywhere. One doesn't need to go on a safari to see them. I loved impalas - the African antelopes that resemble the European deer. Delicate and gentle, and very shy. Tricky to capture as they hardly stand still and quickly run away. There are also zebras, giraffes, penguins, and monkeys - all of which are terrifically photogenic. Cheetahs don’t make the big five either but are just as fun to watch. I was lucky to spot a couple on a game drive in Kruger.

Let the images speak for themselves.

Elephant behind a Tree, South Africa 2023

Charging Rhino, Eswatini 2023

Two Cheetahs, South Africa 2023

Leopard, South Africa 2023

Marching Penguin, South Africa 2023

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