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Burnt in Sahara

As temperatures drop below zero in the Alps and the world outside turns into snowy white, I thought it would be the perfect time to present a collection of my photographs from a sun-drenched week in Morocco last year, a mixture of a screaming yellow, burning orange and melting honey.

The images were created during a two-day trip to the Sahara desert complete with a ride on the camel, a bonfire and a night under the stars.

The desert sun gives the photographs a burning energy making them alive. The vivid colours, reinvigorated prospectives and the beauty of nature stimulate the senses and imagination beyond space and time.

Dents du Midi against pink sky in Villars sur Ollon, Switzerland
Mont Blanc against pink sky
Pink lit mountain tops in Villars sur Ollon

Should you be interested in acquiring any of the images to put on your wall, please contact me by email to discuss your requirements at


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